Marbly 1.5

El nuevo juego del creador de TETRIS

New game from Tetris® creator! Shake up your Mind! Alexey’s Challenge: Marbly ™ is easy to get but tricky to master real-puzzle game. Alexey Pajitnov – author of world-famous Tetris® comes to you with his new creation. This is the first game ever designed by Mr. Tetris exclusively for mobile devices. WildSnake Software are planning to release a series of mobile games in collaboration with Alexey Pajitnov. Move the marbles to build a line of three or more matching marbles at every go. Remove all marbles from the board to solve a puzzle. Play free set of puzzles. - Race against the clock in Time Challenge; - Score enough points in Score Challenge; - Build your solution strategy in Moves Challenge and much more. Win enough coins for additional sets of puzzles and challenges. Get your brain ready for a real challenge – Alexey’s Challenge: Marbly ™ Featuring: - 180+ unique puzzles exclusively braincrafted for you by Mr. Tetris; - series of Daily, Time, Moves, Score and Golden challenges; - Game Center high score competitions and achievements. Marbly™ makes losing your marbles so much fun! Play now and enjoy forever!